Pumpkin Carving Instructions

You’ve found the perfect Halloween costume. Good for you! How about the pumpkin?
During Halloween, it is important that you do not forget to set-out a nicely carved jack o’ lantern. They play a significant part of the Halloween holiday. Whether you plan on going trick-or-treating or not, you can still experience the fun filled artistry of pumpkin-carving as well as enjoying the delicious taste of roasted pumpkin seeds. There are numerous ways to carve pumpkins. Here are our instructions at pumpkincarvingideas.org:


1.      First you will need to gather your supplies and tools. Choose a ripe pumpkin with a good stem, with no nicks or bruises.Pumpkins

2.      Choose a location to work in that can be easily cleaned. The counter in the kitchen is always good.

3.      You will need a knife of medium size in order to cut open the lid. For the intricate carving details, use small cutting tools such as a saw. You can usually buy a pumpkin carving kit through our store. You will also need a large spoon to hollow out the pumpkin once open.

* Using the appropriate tools will alleviate injury. These tools are not expensive and will get the job done with ease. Make sure to keep them out of reach of small children.

4.      Now let’s get started: Start cutting a round piece on the top of the pumpkin. Make sure you rotate the pumpkin to choose the best side for the drawing, the “good” side. Cut along the line of the lid at a 45 degree angle in the direction of the stem with a sharpened knife. This causes the side area of the lid to become larger than the inside of it; it will prevent the lid from collapsing through.

5.      Once you have successfully cut the hole, remove the lid and the pulp with the edge of the knife. Use a large spoon to scrape the seeds from the side of the pumpkin. When you have the walls and the sides scraped, tip your pumpkin over a bowl and dump the insides out all at once. You can decide if you want the seeds. After you decide your design you can print it out on paper for a stencil.

6.      Print your favorite pumpkin template, then trip the paper so you just have the design, and attach it on the good side of the pumpkin. Make sure it is well taped.Halloween

7.      Use the push pins to trace out your design on the pumpkin. That way when you remove the paper you can see the outline of the design. Using the dots as a guide; to begin carving in an area, use a small tool to push a hole through the pumpkin in the section you wish to remove. This will give you a place to start without hopefully messing up your design. It may be easier for you to connect the dots with a marker to make sure you can follow the design.

8.      Begin carving in the center of the design; focus on the smaller areas first.  Doing so will give you a more stable surface which will lessen the chance of making a mistake on your design.

9.      Keep following your design until it is complete. Finally when you are done, you can add your candle or electric light to give your pumpkin a real Halloween look.

10.  CONGRATULATIONS – Once you have done all of this, the end result will be a perfectly carved pumpkin.Halloween pumpkin carving